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Live webinar

Value selling mindset for software people
Most software companies try to sell their services based on their internal perspective.

> Presenting their capabilities and skills without first understanding what the customer is looking for

> Rates set based on costs rather than on value for customers

> Technology stack decisions and architecture options based on the team’s preferences, not on the customer’s needs

Value Selling nudges vendors to focus the conversation on the value created for customers and to be very specific about that value.

The unexpected consequence is that it actually simplifies the sales process and leads to faster results.

This is for

_Software development agencies from Central & Eastern Europe

Who will benefit the most from it



The price you have to pay is 30 minutes of your time.

When and where

Jun 29, 2023 at 12:00pm CET
Join us for this webinar to discuss:
  • Why software companies are forced to move from selling cheap(er) to something else

  • What is Value Selling

  • How it can be used for both new business proposals and ongoing projects with long-term clients

  • And how this is not only for the sales and marketing roles, but also delivery managers, tech leads and anyone else in your teams interacting with clients

Manu gave us practical solutions for our sales process problems, then helped us redefine our strategy and market positioning. Working with him you feel you receive a lot more than you give. He is a professional and I recommend him warmly.

Darius Baba

Co-Founder & CEO, Crafting Software