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Price management for peace of mind

How to calculate the optimum price for software services


Soft Fight

Who is it for

This pricing optimisation app is built for 

_Software Services Companies

We help

_Entrepreneurs and Founders

_Sales Managers

_Business Development and Sales Representatives

These companies have developed their sales strategy and pricing process based on the methodology incorporated in Soft Fight:

Atta Systems | Web development (JS)

Cobalt Sign | Mobile Development and UX

Crafting Software | Web Development (JS, Functional programming)

Digitalya | Web Development (JS)

Expert Network | Web Development (.NET)

Halcyon Mobile | Mobile development

Heaven Solutions | Testing Services and Web Development

InfiniSwiss | Web Development (.NET, JS)

RomSoft | Web development (.NET, JS)

Salt & Pepper | Web and Mobile Development

Sparkbit | Web Development (Java) and Machine Learning

Problems we solve

How do I make sure that my sales people apply the pricing rules that I have used successfully until now?

How can we make the transition from selling hours to selling value?

How do we set the optimum price for this project = high enough to be profitable, but not so high as to lose the project?

The collaboration we have with Manu and his team is amazing. Their knowledge on pricing is incredible, it was one of the best investments we made recently.

Besides having access to world class knowledge on pricing and sales, we also got real world examples on how to apply the knowledge in our business.

Andrei Blaj & Alexandru Artimon
Managing Partners, Atta Systems

This is a tool for price makers looking for better, timelier and more rational decision-making.

Are you a price maker or a price taker?

How can I increase the speed and confidence level of our quoting process = fewer internal discussions or debates, faster decision-making?


How can I improve my win rate with the proposals I make?