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We believe that too many IT & software teams deliver great technical work, but are not able to capture back enough value from their clients.

This is happening because value selling and value based pricing are not well known, understood or applied by founders of services companies.

We want to change this for the better.


Would you invest in this team?

> Pricing expert with 21 years of experience in Software, E-Commerce and Retail Banking
> Legal and purchasing professional with 12 years of experience
> Sales manager with 10 years of experience in software services and products
> Software manager with 10 years of writing software and managing teams for cloud apps
> Software architect with 8 years of experience
> Front-end lead with 9 years of experience
We have all worked together for many years before starting work on the Soft Fight pricing platform.


We also had help from experienced professionals for QA automation (Andrei Asavoaie with his team at Golden Path) and design (Alex Munteanu from Namogo).