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EG69: The Soft Fight Value Framework for software services companies

Written by Emanuel Martonca
on October 3, 2022

I realised I wrote a lot about pricing mistakes, inefficiencies and sub-optimal outcomes.

What about some solutions?

Is there a way to manage the commercial side of running a software services company in a way that leads to better results?

I am convinced there is.

Starting from some fundamental aspects of human psychology, based on my experience, mistakes I made, using things learned from people I worked with, from books and scientific papers, I have created this Value Framework:

This is an opinionated framework for putting into practice the value based pricing and value selling mindsets.

I have applied some of these methods and tools over the years, sometimes without even knowing they are parts of a framework.

A while ago, I tried to document and describe a more structured approach.

After using this in many projects and collaborations with software companies, I am now confident that this can work very well, because I have seen the results.

Instead of writing about the mechanics, the tools or why it works, I would rather just list the impact this had in real-life projects:

  • Competing on value, not on price
  • A more efficient sales process
  • Ability to raise rates without losing customers
  • Higher win rates for proposals made
  • Reduce the need for heavy discounting


Where there is a will, there is a way. 

(Not my words, just an old saying that I think fits perfectly here.)

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