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EG77: Pay what you want for software

Written by Emanuel Martonca
on November 28, 2022

First it was a dream.

Then a conscious thought.

Then I found the courage to talk about it.

It started with simple excel tools and sales templates I’ve created over the years.

It slowly evolved into a well documented method, with tools, documentation and training materials.

I’ve tested, changed things, and found better, faster ways to do just about everything.

Initially I thought I could make a small proof-of-concept on my own with no code tools.

After working with 4 developers and 1 designer for many, many months to build version 1, I realized how naive that idea was.

We are now ready to launch the Soft Fight pricing optimization software.

Price management for peace of mind, for the software managers who want to book more projects, at higher rates, with less effort.

And the first 15 early access customers will be able to choose their price.

What is PWYW

You might be surprised to learn that Pay What You Want (PWYW) is a properly recognized pricing model.

It has been used in many contexts over the years.

There are Shopify plugins that let customers of e-commerce stores set their own prices. Sadly, the plugins themselves have fixed set prices.

At least the equivalent WordPress plugin is open source. is an online store launched in 2010, selling games, books and software. Their entire business model is built around Pay What You Want. 

In case you are wondering if they’re still around, when I last checked their website it was still active.

There are restaurants, cafes and bakery shops which have experimented with letting their customers choose their prices.

In 2007 Radiohead launched the “In Rainbows” album on their website with a Pay What You Want pricing.

What about Soft Fight

If you search online for more information on this pricing model, you might see that various conditions are mentioned, leading to some recommendations as to who should apply the Pay What You Want pricing.

We are breaking the large majority of these rules and recommendations.

But we’re still going to try this.

There are a few strings attached. 

The Soft Fight early access Pay What You Want is for: 

> European software services companies

> which have at least 2 team members doing sales

> and offer at least one of these services: Mobile Apps, Java or Javascript development

Also, since using this method and software will be a competitive advantage for software companies, we will limit the number of early access clients to 1 per city per technology (eg. only 1 mobile apps development team from Cluj-Napoca).


You might be curious to ask for more info now.

Are you?

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