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EG82: What is important to you

Written by Emanuel Martonca
on January 2, 2023

For a very long period I completely ignored email newsletters. 

A few years ago I discovered that some people write interesting, thoughtful opinions and are able to keep monthly, weekly or even daily schedules. I started reading some, seeing them as an efficient way to stay informed while being exposed to different world views.

After my experience of writing weekly in 2022 and seeing the feedback I received from many of you, I have a new category in mind: the newsletter as a practical tool for continuous improvement of mindsets, skills and processes.

I am determined to spend more time, resources and energy in 2023 to make this newsletter better.

Here is where I need 2 minutes of your time, now.

The more I understand what is important to you, the more I can write about topics that are relevant and interesting for you.

Please answer this short survey, which uses the MaxDiff structure:

If you prefer to reply and write your thoughts in an email, I suggest using the Start – Stop – Continue structure.

Or you can do both 🙂

I would really appreciate you taking a couple of minutes of your time to tell me what is important to you.

Happy New Year!

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