Are you owner, co-founder or sales manager in a software development agency?

Do you also want to book more projects, at higher rates, with less effort?

We can help.

JUST Value Framework

Start your pricing optimisation journey with a diagnosis of your current situation. You can also choose to book a training for your management and sales teams.


Pricing sprint


Use our web app to optimise your pricing and proposals win percentage.



Advanced training

Book one of our advanced training sprints, to further increase revenues.

Value selling process

Increase rates for existing clients

Strategy, business model

Answer a few questions about your company and business objectives. Based on your answers, using our benchmarks, we can see if we can help you. Maybe you are already so good you don’t need help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices are fixed, applicable for all clients, without exception.

We have a no-discount policy, as we want to be fair to everyone.

The next scheduled update for our pricing model is on January 31st, 2024.
Depending on the feedback we receive from customers, we might decide to make some changes at an earlier date.

Send us an email to “littlequestion [at] softfight . com”.
We will gladly answer any question or curiosity you have.