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EG8: McKinsey on Pricing

Written by Emanuel Martonca
on September 20, 2021

This is my back-up, curated articles content that I prepared when I started this newsletter.
It was meant for moments when something gets in the way of my writing.

Unfortunately this moment came a lot sooner than planned. Covid managed to break through the barriers and get much closer that I would have wished for (my kids). Which means I am out for the
next 2 weeks (hopefully not longer).

2021: Digital pricing transformations: The key to better margins

Link to the full article

Some companies are technology averse. They believe that they can produce the impact of optimized pricing through processes and policies without relying too much on tools and technology.

Without this focus on tools and technology, organizations struggle to implement the right governance and accountability for their new processes.

2015: Proven pricing strategies and how they work

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Companies considering evolving and deepening their pricing capabilities need to understand how pricing fits into the business’s overall strategy.

Only at that point does it make sense to evaluate various pricing models and develop a forward-thinking commercial organization that sets prices, and doesn’t just take them.

2003: The power of pricing

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Quite often, the most effective path is to get prices right for one customer, one transaction at a time, and to capture more of the price that you already, in theory, charge.

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