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Live webinar

Escape the Tragedy of Hourly Billing for Software Projects
Hourly billing creates a toxic system for everyone involved

The vendor end-up selling a commodity, where price is the only factor that matters to buyers.

It creates an environment where everybody is watching the clock rather than focus on the work itself and the quality of the work.

It places the transaction risk on the clients.

So the clients will expect to pay less, because they are taking on risk and need to be compensated for it.

It means that it’s almost impossible to know the price of the project upfront.

A fundamental law of economics and buying psychology says that customers compare value to price to decide what they buy.

With hourly billing, they only know the price (= total budget spent) at the end.

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_Software development agencies from Central & Eastern Europe

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The price you have to pay is 30 minutes of your time.

When and where

May 30, 2023 at 12:00pm CET
Join us for this webinar to discuss:
  • What are the alternatives to hourly billing?
  • When and how it makes sense to change the pricing metric for software projects
  • How to present it to clients
  • How to sell it to clients
Manu has extensive pricing and sales expertise. His contributions have helped us open new markets for our services and increase the margins we are able to generate for the business.

Cristian Micliuc

CEO, Heaven Solutions