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Free 15 minutes call

I will help you tackle your biggest pricing or sales process challenge

Software companies face a difficult and confusing competitive landscape

Sell cheap?

Or good enough (right quality at the right price)?

Or maybe premium services and prices?


Many software companies leave too many pricing decisions in the hands of their customers.

You need to take back control of your pricing and sales process.

Let’s start with a 15 minutes call, to discuss your biggest pricing and sales process challenges.


Are you one of the brave software managers who want to:

book more projects

at higher rates

with less effort?

This is for

_Software development agencies from Central & Eastern Europe

Who want to

_Develop the ability to raise prices without losing customers

_Compete on value, not on price

_Have a more efficient sales process


The price you have to pay is 15 minutes of your time

When and where

Some of the questions other customers had

1. How can we optimise pricing, to make more money for the same work?

2. How can we manage more clients in the same time?

3. How can we give some objective data to our sales team for them to use in the sales process?

Manu’s industry knowhow was a perfect match to our needs. His way of working is clear, following well defined processes that lead to good results in a timely manner. Another important aspect that we appreciate is that he is challenging our ideas trying to improve and get maximum value for us. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Alexandru Morarasu

Business Development, Expert Network

The collaboration we have with Manu and his team is amazing. Their knowledge on pricing is incredible, it was one of the best investments we made recently. Besides having access to world class knowledge on pricing and sales, we also got real world examples on how to apply the knowledge in our business.

Andrei Blaj & Alexandru Artimon

Managing Partners, Atta Systems

Manu helped us prepare Sparkbit’s strategy. He has both deep knowledge and real life sales experience. When working together we were impressed with his meticulous approach, which finally helped us achieve tangible results. We highly recommend Soft Fight.

Kasia Fulara

COO, Sparkbit

Manu gave us practical solutions for our sales process problems, then helped us redefine our strategy and market positioning. Working with him you feel you receive a lot more than you give. He is a professional and I recommend him warmly.

Darius Baba

Co-Founder & CEO, Crafting Software